One of the biggest challenges when setting out to design or decorate a client’s space is : determining their taste, what moves them, what makes them who they are.

Get this wrong or come up with a design that’s far removed from their persona then you stand a high chance of putting your interior design project in jeopardy.

How Personality and Design can work together….

When I started out as an Interior Designer I had a Personality Q&A which was really just a sheet of paper with multiple answer questions that I’d ask a potential client to fill up for me.

How they answered the random questions helped me understand their hobbies, likes, dislikes etc. and gave me some insight into their personality which in turn helped me understand the colours, shapes, and themes that best resonated with them. This in turn informed my customized interior design plan for them.

I’ve noticed this to be a sure winner before starting out on any interior design project. Understand your client – really do.

Good news is that you don’t have to develop a Personality Q&A. I’ve automated this process and included it in my FREE Mobile application Greencow available on Google playstore.

Once you download the app, it has 4 other apps within it :

1. My Interior : a Personality app
2. Calculator : for your interior design measurements
3. Eco-Tips : A tonne of tips that can be incorporated into your interior design projects
4. Colour Facts : Fun tips that will come in handy as you colour scheme spaces

By tapping the ‘My Interior’ tab, you are taken to the colour palette illustrated above that will attempt to determine your favourite destination, food, animal match and best of all : personality !

This can also be a useful tool for the interior designer who can’t quite put a finger on their customer’s personality.

We’ve also placed an Eatser egg in there. Beyond determining your personality we can also help you access thousands of interior design inspirations for kitchens, bathrooms, living and dining rooms and home office spaces based on that precise personality. Have a look at this screen-grab :

Try it today – it’s free, fun and functional !

My next blog will be on the Calculator tab. Be sure to read up on that too to get the most of the Greencow app.