El History

Award Winning Interior Design

Back in 2008, a small Kenyan company was formed as a sole proprietor outfit with the passion and desire to add color to the African Interior Design industry and improve customer lifestyle.

As with all start-ups, the vision was big, the road full of opportunities and challenges alike and the resources overwhelmingly meagre. This was the background against which an interior design company with humble beginnings was born and from which hundreds of homes were designed and still, thousands of aspiring interior designers were trained and mentored.

Today that same company, El is an International Award Winning interior design firm that has typically been involved in design and fit activities for numerous spaces –residential areas, executive offices, schools, museums, hospitals and banks.

At El our relationships, creativity and learning are at the centre of the business. Design is not something we do. It is something we breathe, live and know. It is not final nor complete but ever changing.

Change your space, change your life.

Design Services

Training Services

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