Reception area repainted in brand colours. Elaborate gypsum ceiling work and lighting. The curved glass partitioning was a deliberate design inclusion in this project – its purpose to mimic the company logo which in itself has curves.

Alternate view of the Reception Area

Workstation 1. Colour scheming, gypsum ceiling and lighting, provision of blinds. The lighting we used is non obtrusive, more functional, produces less heat than conventional light bulbs and of course lends beauty to the space.

Alternate view of the Workstation 1

View of Workstation 2

Executive office. Curved frameless glass partition, provision of coloured office blinds and branded gypsum ceiling accompanied by energy efficient spot lights.

Alternate view of the Executive office

Training Room. Colour schemed wall in accordance to brand identity, overhead lighting and ceiling works, provision of office blinds. Note the creation of the wall niche ahead to accommodate a future display unit or television for a greater learning experience.

Alternate view of Training Room

We created a mini eating area where staff could bond as they have some breakfast or bites during work hours. We put together a hand made customised table top and provided of moveable light furniture to go with it. The colour scheming and lighting were as per other areas of the office.

DewCIS – Design and fit out

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