This is how the 2,200 square foot office space looked before any works were done. Bare. Scope of works involved placement of floor tiles, electrical wiring and placement of sockets, installation of AC units, network wiring and cabling, installation of overhead lighting, partitioning and placement of doors, painting of all surfaces and finally fixing the floor skirting.

The office was handed over as white for the relevant branding to be done.

Completed works for the reception area. Door placement had to be done in consideration of space to allow for effective movement given it would be a high traffic area. Adequate lighting was done for the entire office.

Another view of how the office space came out. Our focus was to provide a simple yet functional and beautiful space that balanced natural and artificial lighting to allow for a relaxed work atmosphere.

Alternate view of a section of the general open office plan from an enclosed area

Board room space with tiling, door placement, lighting and floor skirting done. The entire space was also sanded, schemed and painted a matte white.

The general work area ready for occupation by staff along with all their tools of trade!

HAVAS MEDIA – Office Design & Fit Out