Main Lounge. We provided matching customised office furniture, carpets, wallpaper, wall-hangings – mirrors and painting, pendant lighting and complementary curtains. Flooring was done using laminated flooring.

Lounge 2. We used the exact interior design solutions for the Main Lounge for this space but changed the accent colours to brown and green. This area was initially an outdoor balcony. We converted it into a glass partitioned lounge and introduced gypsum ceiling and spot lights for a relaxed feel.

Alternate view of Lounge 2

Another angle of Lounge 2

Dining Area. Provision of furniture, wallpaper and hangings, pendant lighting, curtains, sheers and laminated flooring.

Alternate view of Dining Area

Corridor. All doors were replaced with heavy mahogany doors. Walls were adorned with wallpaper and hangings. From the ceiling we installed pendant lighting that brought the various elements of the space together.

Bathroom – entire make over of the space included installation of tiles, overhead lighting, door, handles, flooring, mirror and sink with storage area.

New WC and shower cubicle installed. We used light coloured tiles and flooring and plenty of mirrors and shining column tiles to create a sense of extra space. The spot lights are not only functional but lend elegance to the space.

This laundry area was remodelled afresh. All the old components were knocked out and fresh items were included: tiled back splash, taps, sink with storage area and of course the laminated flooring. We converted the once empty corridor into a second WC space.

Alternate view of the Laundry Area

The Executive Lounge. From the unique ceiling lighting to the accented wallpaper to the matching furniture pieces and the plush carpet, this space speaks luxury. Once again this space was as a result of a total make-over from the initial model of the space. Every item here was either designed, supplied and/or provided from scratch

Alternate view of the Executive Lounge

Another view of the Executive Lounge – for this particular angle notice the newly installed bookshelves and storage area on the left wall of the space

Executive Office. Scope of works involved supply of laminated flooring, red carpet, modern furniture, wallpaper, curtains and sheers, unique mirrors and pendant lighting.

Lantana – Interior design and fit out

DetailPrivate lounge and work space