Branding at the reception area is accompanied by a custom made table, ceramic tiles and deep rich red on walls to either side of the space. Along the entire length of the office we painted a symbolic red stripe running with the ceiling cornice. Simple but elegant circular lighting was adopted at the lobby – aesthetic and functional. For the entrance we installed heavy framed doors with automated alarm systems. Indoor plants were a final addition to break colour and add hints of alternative vibrance to the space

The corridors were given character by curving their length with additional gypsum cladding. Within the gypsum surface we created wall niches padded with ply finish and illuminated with niche lighting for decorative cultural pieces.

A Driver’s meeting room was hived off with basic aluminium partitioning and frosted screens. We also used spaced overhead lighting as we developed our ceiling so as to give off a light that was neither too dull nor too bright – considering the already bright reflective surfaces.

For the General workspace – we worked out a space plan and provided the office furniture. Note the harmony of the wall partitions – whether gypsum, aluminium and concrete and how the spaced overhead lighting has been used to effect. Straight ahead is the filing room we created for extra storage.

Alternate view of the General Workspace

Executive office furnished with extra features : plush red carpet, hand made furniture and roll up blinds – all in keeping theme with the brand colours.

Alternate view of the Executive Office

Boardroom. Items: carpeting, provision of unique table and furniture, elaborate gypsum ceiling work accompanied with spot lights and winding snake-light. The room also has allowance for a sizeable electronic roll up display screen.

Alternate view of the Boardroom

Marubeni – Design and fit out using 3 brand colours