The exquisite Living Room here is the result of a carefully selected colour palette and well executed design plan. We went for a lot of ivory colour toned down by the natural earthy structure of the space. The mirrors complement the rustic lighting and add more space to the living room to create an ambience of luxury and elegance. To the far opening we put in dining room furniture that combined both aspects pf the ivory-earth tone that was dominant in our colour palette for this space. Notice the wallpaper in the dining area? We’ll look at that more closely in the following pictures.

A lovely dining area accented by unique lighting, beautiful Victorian themed curtains, a handmade high quality rug from Iran and of course the beautiful textured wallpaper. A lot of items to take in but a lavish feast for the eyes nonetheless.This room is tempered and yest still ALIVE with personality.

This was once an empty hallway which has now been converted into a warm Family Room. Being a partly done space we left space for the family to mount their own family portraits or favourite paintings in the space. We also left some allowance for the family TV. Our idea for this area was a family recreational space where people can bond after a long day at the office.

The bedroom here required a bold look to totally eclipse the already great space interiors. We went for bold and royal high-end wallpaper, rustic lighting, a Chaise lounge chair with Ankara throws, beautiful side lamps and an all black bed and buttoned bedhead with matching side cabinets. To complete the floor space we used a matching monochrome themed and boldly patterned plush carpet.

Nairobi – Interior Decor & Fit Out