We decked out the living room area with non intrusive furniture that was classy yet quiet. Primary colours had earthy tones and nudes. The theme was: modern contemporary with a touch of classic.

The design challenge here was how to divide an open space into two functional areas – dining and living rooms, without using obstructive furniture. We wanted the space to be airy, light and fun. Overhead bottled chandeliers, wallpaper, complementary paint scheming and provision of contemporary furniture pieces – all handmade – from various suppliers, were some of the ingredients that went into this look.

A closer look at the dining area. Lovely, isn’t it?

We wanted this space to be imposing and comfortable at the same time. Working with the client’s fabrics we provided the bedroom furniture, curtains, lamps, overhead lamps and colour schemed the entire space.

To create that WOW factor we cladded all the cabinets with thick mirrors to expand the feel of the space dimensions further.

Bits and pieces were incorporated into the space to create ‘boundaries’ in a smart and effective way. Candle holders, clocks and mini-cabinets helped to quietly create this effect without being overly distracting.

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