We installed the electrical components for the kitchen space and replaced the sockets with the modern metallic cover version.

The theme for this design was: modern contemporary. Our main colours were turquoise and light grey. We used high end wallpaper to accentuate the turquoise effect and threw in indoor plants to create spontaneous spots in the space. Furniture was a mix of ready made and custom hand made furniture. Accessories were both locally and internationally sourced.

Yes! We did a turquoise themed dining room and it looks totally fab!

From the massive wall hung designer mirrors, to the bamboo plant to the high end wallpaper and the exquisite chandeliers, this space offered so much potential and putting all these elements together was a true labour of love. Excited as we were about this we always reminded ourselves that we had to stick within the confines of the colour palette and overall design.

Side note: the curtains were made on site and were quite heavy. We opted to go for curtain rods – which were done on site, as opposed to curtain rails.

We wanted a tranquil environment that would be great for hosting events and parties and thus need minimal maintenance. Combining artificial turf grass with Mimosa outdoor furniture and a beautiful outdoor heater cum lamp, the desired effect was achieved. Barbecue anyone?

Side note: A wooden fence to the side acted as an aesthetic yet functional barrier for the laundry area and accompanying clothesline.

A time and place as any to relax with the boys and catch the game! Still turquoise themed we opted to break the space with a stunning 3-piece peacock wall hanging that took 3 men to hang up, it was that heavy!

Beautiful curtains helped to further enhance the space.

Pink! Pink! Pink! Matte pink, customised hand made beds, a beautiful pendant light and a princess mirror were thrown into the idea page for this space.

No problem telling the little angels to go to bed here.

One of the favourite spaces we worked with from the lot. This particular piece consisted of a customised bed with a dark velvet studded cover for the headboard,  plush cotton beddings, custom made mirrored bedside stools, soft rugs, beautiful wall mirrors, curtains, exquisite bedside lamps, a lovely pendant light and a light mocha brown themed wall paint.

Side note: What do you think about that wallpaper?

Inspired by wooded forests and trees, this room speaks of calm and nature. The idea was to have a design that was not too far off from the other rooms as far as bed design and pendant lights were concerned and yet, still give the guest their own distinct style. Wallpaper, a furry rug, wooden bedside stools and accompanying lamps were some tricks we used to bring the design together.

Why not have a garden on your rooftop balcony? Once again we incorporated artificial turf grass and Mimosa furniture to lend the area atop the housing unit a serene ambience. We selected the fabric and colour for the furniture and opted to use outdoor lighting to give a relaxed, calm feeling.

Besides designing the space to bear a close aesthetic match to the backyard area shown in the earlier section of this portfolio, we functionally made this space usable for between 1-15 people very comfortably.

PHENOM PARK – Interior Design & Decoration