Entrance Lobby. We put a mini-dining area here. The space is a mixture of complementary colours with various wall hangings that bring the various design aspects of the space together.

Alternate view of the Lobby Area. Notice how we added extra storage space to the chimney column by affixing shelves to it.

Main Lounge. Repainting of the entire space. Provision of furniture. Carpeting of the space. To break the blue colour we put one single bright red Maasai print to the far left of the wall – fabric over a wooden frame. We also used light sheers to let in natural light.

Believe it or not this was once a garage but now a creative play area for little children ! We covered the wall in creative murals, used basic flooring solutions, added patterned carpets and included customised furniture for the children. Beyond this we made poof seats for the caregivers.

Alternate view of the Children’s Play Area

Another view of the Play Area showcasing the extra storage area we created. Beauty and functionality are the twin sisters we always involve in our work.

Attic converted into a Counselling room – painting and wallpaper. Provision of bright poofs, furniture and patterned carpet for a lively environment.

Spare room adorned with blinds and matching wallpaper. The idea was that this could be an extra Administrative office space.

Rehema House – Total Interior design and fit out

DetailRehabilitation Centre