Entrance Lobby. Customised colour scheming and painting. Design, manufacture and delivery of hand made furniture – arm chairs, bar stools and table surfaces. Furniture re-upholstery exclusively sourced from Europe. Woven carpet and cushions supplied to break colour and add vibrancy to the setting. To light up the entire space we designed brass chandeliers and had the same fabricated locally.

Alternate view of the Entrance Lobby. Notice the large mahogany ceiling wood planks which we incorporated into the space to give a country feel? We provided square poofs to add some playfulness to the space. To the far wall used old stained brick wall paper.

Another alternate view of the Entrance Lobby with prime focus on the wallpaper and some of the furniture pieces we provided

Break Out Area or Easy Space. This is the room where staff would take recreational time away from their computer screens. Works here included themed painting of the walls, provision of lighting and lamp shades, brass chandeliers and the overhead stained mahogany planks of wood.

Executive Office. We schemed the walls and designed and supplied all furniture pieces including upholstery fabric. For lighting we continued with the theme of overhead brass chandelier lighting. To add aesthetic warmth to the space we threw in a functional woven carpet.

Alternate view of the Executive office

Meeting Room. Provision of all furniture including heavy mahogany desk, carpet, light sheers and overhead chandelier lighting. We used light sheers to work with natural light rather than block or compete with it.


Twiga – Design and fit out

DetailOld English Country Home
DesignMobile based supply platform company