Before developing a quotation for your project and the associated costs for material always make sure your measurements are accurate. This can save you ( and your wallet ) a lot of heartache.

  • Conversions : square metres or square feet ? Use a uniform measure and be consistent
  • Treatment : when it comes to items such as painting consider wall treatments and the number of coats of paint to be used on the wall in question – not just the size of the wall
  • Factor in labour charges and relevant tax charges in your calculation
  • Tiles : whether floor or ceiling, consider the size of individual tiles, estimated best-fir for a space and how to accommodate those hard to get areas. Always use qualified work-men.
  • Supporting material : never look at an item in isolation e.g. for gypsum consider cost of filler, paint and aluminium frames
  • Ensure your math is right – always cross-check the working against an Excel spread sheet
  • Currency : consider going currency and possible future difference in exchange
  • Curtains : consider sheers, measurement lingo and % of gathers on material

These are just a few of the measurement pitfalls one faces and should be keen on when developing a quotation

A calculator app that eliminates your heartache….

So once again I opted to find a way of making life easier for you. My team and I developed a mobile application that does indeed cover an array of calculations so that your brain is less taxed as you develop your own quotation

I’ve automated this process and included it in my FREE Mobile application Greencow available on Google playstore.

By tapping the ‘Calculator’ tab, you are taken to the screen above that gives you access to various calculator options for tiles, carpets, wallpapers and paint. Determine the amount of material you need for any size of room and don’t depend 100% on your work-man’s estimates!

Download the application and give the Calculator function a few tries.

My next blog will be on the Eco-tips tab.

Catch up with you soon !