Colour. We live it, breathe it, eat it, sleep it.

It is so woven into our life fabric we can’t imagine life without it.

Most, if not all – of the people I mentor in interior design business always ask, ‘ When do we get to the colour bit ??’ It’s the core of interior design it seems – it’s the most universally grasped concept of interior design across cultures. It has its place in religion, culinary arts, clothing, occasions and even emotions.

A colour can be the tipping determinant on whether you get that job interview, get stopped by the traffic policeman, get that business contract, attract a potential lover, increase traffic to your website, eat more or less, be calm or agitated, heal from a disease….yes, it’s that powerful.


Fun colour facts….

  • Men and women see the color red very differently, this boils down to our DNA which is intrinsically unique between the sexes owing to varying number of X Chromosomes between the two
  • Silver-colored cars are least likely to be involved in an auto accident, since they are most visible on the road and in low light 
  • Pink is a palliative color, commonly used to splash the walls in prisons and mental health care facilities to assist in subduing those who are out-of-control 
  • Yellow and orange are not recommended for use in kitchens, as they are known appetite stimulators 
  • The reality is that colour does not exist at all – it’s all in our heads and the illusion of colour is something created by our brains to interpret light signals it receives from the outer world
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Have fun !