The day is here !

You’ve finally decided to work on your space and found the perfect interior designer to  help out with the design ideas.

At this point he or she is bound to ask you some of these questions:

What is the purpose of the space?

How you answer this will give your designer an idea of what exactly he/she is working with and how to go about designing the space. Is the space multi functional/ an entry way/entertainment room etc. ?

What do you really love and/or hate that is currently in the space?

By picking out what you love and hate the designer gets a better understanding of your taste and knows what pieces to keep, allowing them to work around these items during the design process.

What colors do you love and hate?

If the designer knows what colours you love, it allows them to work out a color scheme that will favor you and that will resonate favourably with your personality.
It also gives them a great idea of what colors to completely avoid !

What inspiration do you draw from to inform your design idea?

Most times a client has a rough idea of what they would like their space to look like.This idea is often inspired by an array of stuff such as a picture that holds sentimental value, a favourite colour or fabric, even a piece of antique furniture.Knowing the source of inspiration of your design theme gives the designer a more informed approach towards developing ideas and schemes that work appropriately for your space.

What particular design look or style do you like most?

You may be stumped when asked this question as you may not necessarily know the exact name of interior design styles or themes. In that case you’d have to use pictures of spaces that you admire to help the designer understand the type of space you ultimately want.Combining different design looks can be tricky and would require the professional input of a qualified interior designer no less.

Are there any special needs that should be considered for this design?

I always remind my clients that interior design is a marriage of aesthetics and functionality. The functionality bit covers that aspect of usefulness and safety of the design set and pieces.It’s worth considering if the client has allergies, a physical disability or is of advanced age when designing a space, for example.

What is your budget?

The BIG question. Many of my clients are initially reluctant to give me an answer to this question since they think interior design or decor must be an expensive venture – a sad misconception.From all questions, this is the MOST important one to ask – in my opinion. The budget will determine how much of what has been requested from all the previously asked questions can be accommodated in the actual design work. It also helps define what sacrifices can be made and what agreeable compromises can be worked into the design.Better yet, you will now know how to phase your interior design project based on availability of funds. There you have it – 7 questions any serious interior designer should ask you before embarking on changing your space. Keep them in mind and use them to help your interior designer help you!

Till next time,