Today morning I got a call from a lady who needed a quotation for renovation works for her space ( with the understanding that she’d do the renovation work herself; see she just needed a quotation for bench marking purposes ). She’s just acquired an Old English home which had aged considerably.

We began talking on what the quote would entail and then she opted to let me not only quote but do the actual work as well. This because she realised renovation – as all things interior decor – goes beyond money, it’s also about practical aesthetics

Put yourself in her shoes and allow me to advise you on how to renovate that old house…
I’ve included some of my work from past projects here to illustrate my points further….enjoy !


Space is an interior designer’s best friend – not only does it ward of feelings of claustrophobia, it creates that essence of ‘freedom’ we all are searching for in one form or another.

By ‘creating space’ I’m not talking about knocking down walls…no. Here are quick ways of doing it:

  • Get rid of big, bulk furniture and replace it with more functional pieces
  • Re-arrange cabinets or movable pieces
  • Install mirrors on the walls…get creative….the mirrors can be cut in strips or cool shapes
  • Re-claim unused space and make them into storage areas to manage clutter



Lighting done well will bring your space to life!

  • Buy stand-alone or bedside or table lamps
  • Replace current light with antique pieces
  • Use warm, strategically placed bulb


Give your cabinets a new look with minimal changes.

  • Change handles and knobs with cool antique pieces
  • Repaint darker furniture in warm, off-white hues so that they don’t swallow the space



Quite easily the most overlooked house item, a lot of people struggle with how to make windows unique and inspiring.

I’ll let you in on a secret : windows need to be dressed! This is especially so if you don’t have that scenic mountain or ocean view to wake up to. So be bold and try out :

  • geometric curtain panels
  • patterned or gauzy white sheers,
  • a minimalist look with bamboo shades


There are numerous ways to go about this. TIP : Ensure there’s harmony between the window treatment and the surrounding space colour.


Another overlooked space can be those outdoor areas like balconies, front porches or backyard spots. You can create a relaxing spot with some creativity on your part.

  • name the space and research on  ideas from the net
  • add a couple comfortable outdoor chairs and throw cushions
  • how about a small fire pit?
  • some dangling string lights ?
  • a sign board
  • some tuft grass to simulate an evergreen garden

You’re basically looking to create a get-away spot around your home.


While not all of us have been blessed with green hands, it shouldn’t be too hard to invest in a a couple raised garden beds, miniature trees, sculptures, potted plants and some flowering shrubs.

  • research, do some leg work and visit your local greenhouse
  • understand the plants, environmental needs, pest control and soil preparation
  • engage a landscape architect if need be
  • have an idea/ design of the final outcome before starting off the work


Wallpaper has come a long way – there’s 3D wallpaper and themed wallpaper, poster art wallpaper and luxury wallpaper, texturised and velvet mimic wallpaper. From the tacky to the utterly fabulous, the rang is mind boggling…and it doesn’t have to be expensive either.

  • theme your space before choosing wallpaper
  • reasearch on the broad range available – make Google your friend
  • be clear on the type you want : floral, patterned or base
  • get wallpaper that’s easily installed and removed



Begin a bathroom overhaul with a thorough cleaning.  Once clean:

  • look to change the outdated knobs
  • fix new light fixtures
  • upgrade cabinets
  • repair leaking or broken
  • replace mirrors
  • replace shower curtains

By simply changing out one or two of the most outdated items, you can make your bathroom look modern and new. A coat of paint ( anti – bacterial to prevent moulding from the shower steam ) can really go far in a bathroom, as well.


A man cave is a great addition to a space. Psychologically it helps the man of the house ‘escape’ ( whatever that means! ) and functionally helps manage those gender boundaries as far as space is concerned. While some of us girls don’t get it, men really like to have a man-cave to escape in, a room to call their own, a room to drink with the guys and watch the game in peace.

  • Firstly – find that abandoned, practical space in your home that you can use
  • decorate it : add a TV/ a pool table/ a fridge/ a bar/ comfortable chairs/ rugs / pillows / music

Your bachelor pad in a family home !


Overwhelmed ? Frustrated ?  Perhaps a small step will get you inspired.

  • Start by simply cleaning-up your main living space
  • Colour scheme your space and then paint it

A deep clean and a new coat of paint can go a long way when it comes to revamping space without breaking the bank.


Till next time !